About Us

We are pioneers in the protection of our soil, water, and air through proven natural organic products, programs, and education in the field of agriculture. Our forty years of extensive research, product development, and on-site field and greenhouse testing of organic based agricultural products and organic growing methods position us to be a major force in the “green movement” and the effort to curb global warming.  Promoting environmentally friendly practices and good stewardship of our natural resources, for the preservation of life and the well-being of mankind, is, and always has been, our mission.

Our products originate from the earth and all we do, have done, or will do benefits the earth… the air, the water, the soil and earth’s ecosystem as a whole. Because the bulk of our products’ base material is mined from a natural deposit, our pricing and profits are not directly connected to the world energy demand, oil reserves, the ever fluctuating price of oil and natural gas, carbon footprints, etc. A significant percentage of our raw material costs are predictable and somewhat controllable, not subject to the ever volatile energy market; whereas our finished products generate lucrative profits, while also being extremely cost competitive – increasingly so as energy prices drive chemical prices upward.  We recognize that while there is a rapidly growing desire to be environmentally friendly and eat healthy, organically grown food, the price to the consumer must be reasonably competitive in the market place.  Our products can have a significant impact towards this goal.

We are beyond ideas, theories, and start-up dreams; beyond experimentation, mess-ups, and trial & error disappointments. What we have is real and primed to service a worldwide market. Our only surprises are the continual discovery that our products are very effective in new markets, including recreational (bio-degradable airsoft BB’s, golf tees, etc.), CO2 reduction, carbon credits, eco credits, elimination of methane gases, reclamation projects, and many more once unimaginable markets. The market just keeps expanding in our direction.

Our humate based products are very beneficial to the earth, nature and humanity as a whole, by eliminating additional chemical toxification to our air, water and soil; in fact reversing the depletion of our soils by replenishing and rebuilding them. They further reduce watering requirements up to 60%; reduce nutrient leaching, nutrient lock-up in the soil, and nutrient dissipation into the air; increase seed germination, plant nutrient uptake, and a heightened resistance to insects, and diseases. Our humate products produce equivalent, or better, crop yields at comparable application rates and cost(s) per acre (or 1,000 sq. ft.) as commonly recommended chemical fertilizers; and can be transported, stored, and spread with standard equipment now in use. These are but a few of the numerous benefits, of which there are too many to detail in this summary.

Our future and quality of life lies in the quality of our soil, water, air, and food supply – in short, the well being of planet earth. Our programs include the following goals:

  • To research, develop and produce additional organic soil conditioners, plant food tablets and fertilizers, for the promotion of growing organically throughout the world markets.
  • To research and advance “locally grown organic food” programs worldwide, through the use of Humatec products, and growing programs developed for green houses, grow buildings, and point of application “root zone feeding(TM)”.
  • To educate the masses, by way of seminars, demonstrations, on-line classes, DVD video productions, and printed media, in the benefits and know-how of eco-friendly organic food production.
  • To explore the horizon of potential opportunities for new uses of humates in products and markets beyond agriculture, such as our newly developed biodegradable BB’s for the airsoft market.
  • To partner with our members, companies, foundations and whole communities in the research, development and education of conservation and environmentally friendly agriculture

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