The Humate Supreme™ Story (Part 2)

Humate Supreme™ products are produced from pure virgin humate, not lignite or leonardite from which that other humate products are made. Lignite and Leonardite are of the coal family, and often referred to as “brown coal”. Virgin Humates are not coal based, and generally contain high levels of nutrient rich minerals in addition to humic, ulvic and fulvic acids. Humate Supreme’s™ virgin humates are mined from the world’s largest virgin humate mine located in the Wasatch Mountain Range in central Utah.


The Humate Supreme™ Story (Part 1)

The better solution is to grow crops in soil, rich in bio-life and nutrients, and constantly replace or replenish the nutrients in the soil so it doesn’t get depleted from crop to crop. The plant feeds naturally and consistently as nature intended, resulting in healthier crops and removing the need to replace the soil from crop to crop, including plants grown in green house trays and small containers. This is accomplished with the Humate Supreme™ tablets.


Humates stimulate healthier garden growth in a natural way

Humates are the end result of decayed prehistoric vegetation; organic matter in its purest most concentrated form, generally rich in humic acids, and is infused withnatural life sustaining minerals. Research has shown that humates with the ideal balance of humic acids, minerals and NPK consistently produce healthier plants with stronger root systems that are more naturally resistant to disease, fungus, bacteria, drought and frost.

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