Grow Medical Marijuana with Humate Supreme™

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Humate Supreme™ plant tablets are made from a natural organic humate base, rich in humic acid and minerals, and uniquely formulated for the medical cannabis/hemp family of plants. The plant tablet method of feeding via our “Root Zone Feeding™ ” is the most efficient and effective method of feeding your plants, and can be utilized throughout the growing process; including seed, clone or cut planting, transplanting, and mature plants.

Humate Supreme™ tablets are slow release, feeding the plant up to 90 days, and will not burn or over-feed the plant if used as instructed. Humate Supreme™ plant tablets are additionally very eco-friendly, greatly improving the soil and promoting beneficial micro-organisms and bio-life within the plants root zone area.

  • Powerful organic based formula with Humic & Fulvic Acids and 70+ Nutrients
  • Stimulates seed germination and rapid root development
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Promotes increased immune system and resistance to pests and disease
  • Decreases watering requirements
  • Grow green foliage, thicker stems and larger buds
  • Produce High-Grade, Healthy, Vibrant, Potent Cannabis plants
  • Backed by 40+ years of research in organic Humate base agriculture products
  • Works in any growing medium…no expensive hydroponics necessary, and no need to change the growing medium betweens crops

The uniquely formulated humic & fulvic acid rich humate and mineral base causes a synergistic effect, boosting uptake of the plant source nutrients by the plant in a very efficient process; up to an 80% increase over the use of chemical nutrients, producing healthy plants that are superior in growth and quality.

Humate Supreme™ plant food tablets are a “complete food” for the plant, providing all the nutrients needed for abundant growth of quality plants. It’s hard to imagine how well Humate Supreme™ works, unless you’ve actually tried it. Seeing is believing and truth is in the test. Give it a try…you won’t be disappointed.

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