Humate Supreme™ launches Affiliate Program

Humate Supreme™ Inc., manufacturers of the Humate Supreme™ product line of organic humate base plant food tablets formulated specific for the Hemp and medical cannabis plants, has launched a Affiliate program, allowing authorized home affiliates to purchase product at wholesale for personal gardening use.

The program is also a lucrative business opportunity, authorizing the Affiliate to resell product to affiliate gardeners, friends, commercial growers, and small retail outlets, as well as signing up sponsored affiliates and receive commissions on everything their sponsored affiliates purchase.

The Humate Supreme™ Affiliate is structured with several commission earning opportunities, and has several benefits including individual Affiliate web pages to help generate sales, commissions and affiliate Affiliates.  The cost of the Affiliate goes 100% towards product for the affiliate, at wholesale pricing, plus minimal handling and shipping.   The Affiliate also receives brochures and literature to help in their sales efforts.

Humate Supreme™ products are backed by over 40 years of research in eco-friendly organic humate base agriculture, and the Humate Supreme™ Affiliate program was developed to be a major avenue of distribution of Humate Supreme™ products direct to the end consumer (the home gardener), as well as a “grass roots” approach to opening the doors in the retail sector in new markets.

Humate Supreme™ Inc gives you a 60-day money back guarantee.  Be part of the Affiliate family, and help grow beautiful gardens, vibrant, healthy plants, and make some extra money along the way.  Please visit for complete information on eco-friendly Humate Supreme™ products and the Humate Supreme™ Affiliate Program.


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