Humates and Healthy Hemp (Part 2)

Humate Supreme’s™ organic humate based fertilizer tablets are uniquely formulated for the hemp plant, compressed into a concentrated slow-release (6 to 8 month) feeding tablet. By using tons of pressure we can compress a large amount of the humate, humic acids and plant nutrients into a small, compact tablet specifically designed for Root Zone Feeding™ .

So what are Humates? Humates are one of the modern world’s greatest agricultural and health discoveries. It is the purest form of natural organic matter, plant nutrients and humic acids known to man. It is highly concentrated into a solid material, similar to coal. It originates from the vegetation of the prehistoric period having decomposed over the eons into its present concentrated state. There are various types of Humates depending on world location, origin material, and degree of decomposition. The coal-like deposits are in the millions of tons. There are numerous uses for Humates, ranging from soil conditioners, to fertilizers, to leached liquid health products.

In the beginning the earth was blessed with optimum organic growing conditions. The soil had a wealth of minerals, trace elements and rich humus soil teaming with beneficial life giving microbes. The earth’s minerals and organic matter had not been depleted from over-farming, excessive use of agricultural chemicals, leaching or contamination, and therefore the soil was exceptional.

The vegetation was very lush and abundant, as is evidenced by ancient remains that geologists call humic deposits. These deposits are quite rare and can be found in various areas of the world. Even more rare are deposits of humic substance that are exceedingly rich in a little known substance called fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is being called “nature’s miracle molecule”, as research continues to unfold amazing benefits in a wide variety of areas. It has been discovered that fulvic acid, a member of the Humic acid group, is one of the most important natural microbes related to life itself. It helps with human enzyme production, hormone structure and is necessary for the utilization of vitamins. It is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers known.

In the beginning, our naturally fertile soils contained adequate amounts of humic and fulvic acids produced by resident microbes within the soil. They delivered nutrients and minerals to the plants. The plants were rich with nutrients and minerals, and produced abundant lush food in quantities capable of feeding the dinosaurs. These power-packed vegetation crops and healthy dinosaurs ended up in huge bogs that were covered over and decomposed for thousands, or millions, of years. They became what are now referred to as Humates or humate deposits.

The very best of Humates is also naturally impregnated with life supporting mineral nutrients like calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, etc., some totaling as many as 50 to 70 nutrients. The use of Humates as a natural organic soil conditioner, or as a base material for plant food and commercial fertilizer, guarantees the most complete, efficient, and ecologically friendly fertilizer in the world.

There are huge humate deposits located throughout the US, mostly in the west, as well as various other countries, some of which are additionally very nutrient rich, and some of which are not…basically there is no shortage of raw material. With our research intently focused on highly mineralized organic Humates, we acquired a multi-million ton virgin humate deposit located in the Wasatch Mountain range in the state of Utah. This particular humate deposit was very nutrient rich, having more than 70 trace minerals, as well as the most ideal percentages of humic, fulvic, folic, and amino acids.


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