Humates and Healthy Hemp (Part 3)

Humate use and product development through the years has been limited basically to what is referred to as mine-crush-spread, and used almost exclusively as a soil amendment, the extent of which is pretty much still the norm today. In other words there has been very little product development beyond the mine-crush-spread application…with the exception of some liquids, wettable powders and limited research on extracting the nutrients, via leaching, for human consumption.

Humates actually don’t blend well with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK), and there are some very “challenging” handling characteristics that have discouraged product development beyond that of mining and crushing. Overcoming these obstacles, and producing commercially acceptable “flowable” products, was the starting point for our research and development.

Our research concentrated on the treatment and interaction between the actual organic compounds as well as the interaction between the combined compounds of the Humate base. The goal was to produce a high-efficiency formula that had the most beneficial effect on the soil structure and plant growing requirements. The formula’s base ingredients had a combined total of 70 plus essential elements, all beneficial to soil and agriculture. One of the most difficult problems was to regulate these 70 plus elements because most are from natural formations, which can vary in amounts depending on where they are mined, even some degree within the same humate deposit. As our research progressed it was soon evident that the formulas being developed, and the characteristics of the materials being used, often required special handling and manufacturing technologies, whereas we developed a process referred to as Manufactured Humate Formulas (MHF).

In this MHF process, and through the unique blends and formulas, we also developed an intensive synergistic effect, not only between the compounds within the formula itself, but also between the total finished product, which we refer to as Humaform™ , NPK, and other trace nutrients blended with the Humaform™ . This synergism effect applies also to hydroponic and foliar applied nutrients.

We quickly discovered that Humates can have a significant synergistic effect, when blended with certain other organic elements and/or low amounts of NPK, if done properly during the manufacturing process and with the help of a third (proprietary) organic ingredient, resulting in some significant synergistic benefits and a true agricultural “super product”.


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