Humates and Healthy Hemp (Part 4)

The benefits of this powerful synergism effect in Humaform™ are overwhelmingly significant. We can use certain industrial by-products, containing beneficial minerals yet considered low in nutrient value, and receive a much greater agricultural benefit than would be achieved by singularly applying the by-product to the soil by itself, further exceeding any expectation based solely on the by-product analysis. Secondly we can reduce NPK usage from 40% to 67% of the normally recommend application rates.

Humaform™ improves the soil structure while out-performing the typical straight NPK fertilizers. It also affects low percentages of nutrients by improving their efficiency and performance in the soil and in the plant growth. By comparison, in field and green house tests we can use Humaform™ with an NPK of 1-1-1 on various crops and obtain the same plant performance comparable to an equal application of chemical fertilizer with a much higher NPK. This, of course, is significant if we can produce equivalent production with significantly reduced amounts of NPK, and additionally make use of certain industrial by-products, by converting these by-products from a waste product, to a useful product with benefits.

The Research & Development of Humaform®, the base formula for all our products, was completed by the late 1980’s, with most products successfully developed, customer and sales markets defined, test marketing programs perfected, state product registrations and consumer recognition accomplished. There had been years of trial & error in the development and/or procurement of the proper equipment to process pelletize, blend, make tablets and bag the products and formulas…in some instances coming up with a unique piece of equipment, specific for the manufacture of these products.

In the mid to late 70’s we began research of the concentrated plant food tablets on hemp in various countries where hemp was legal. As research progressed, we, through various tests, developed a special formula that specifically addressed the hemp plant. This became a supreme formula; thus the name Humate Supreme. As research progressed through the 70’s we concentrated on feeding the plant directly in the plant’s root zone per out Root Zone Feeding Program™ . The plants responded exceptionally well and growth from seed, or sprig (cutting) to harvest required only 4-6 tablets, with the use of no chemicals, only water. Not only did the plant respond well, the medical cannabis produced the highest quality ever tested; most likely due to the natural nutrient feeding.


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