Humates and Healthy Hemp (Part 1)

Humate based fertilizers and soil conditioners will revolutionize the next generation of hemp production. They will revitalize the hemp industry, by maximizing production of the highest quality hemp, while replenishing the soil and returning the land to organic production. Past studies and research has proven, without a doubt, that virgin humate based products for agriculture use, are beneficial 100% of the time. There are no disappointments or maybe’s. You can always count on these products.

Humate Supreme™ products are made from pure virgin Humates, rich in beneficial plant nutrients, and other organic compounds.

Humates are the purest form of organic matter known to exist on planet Earth. Natural Humates include organic humic acids, natural nutrients, bio-life and stimulants, and produce a synergistic energy when applied to the soil.

There are two types of Humates. One being of the coal family; known as lignites or leonardites. The other being virgin Humates, which is clay based. Coal based Humates do not attach to soil particles, are easily leached from the soil, have slow reaction to plants and take longer to breakdown. Virgin Humates attach to soil particles, are not easily leached, react immediately and do not need to breakdown. While virgin Humates are considered the absolute best, blends of the two types of Humates can work very well together.

Humate based soil conditioners, plant food, and fertilizer products will create a future of sustainable agriculture. For over 40-years we have been researching and blending humate formulas, utilizing the most modern methods to ensure supreme blends, quality and performance.

We presume you choose to live a healthy life, to eat nutritious foods, enjoy healthy medical hemp, to have the best gardens and plants and trust the fertilizer products you use, to insure your quality of life. That is why we constantly research, develop and only use quality organic compounds, with our pure virgin Humates, to guarantee our Humate Supreme™ products.

Because the Humates we use in our Humate Supreme™ products generate such a positive and powerful synergistic action with other beneficial nutrients, we can blend in minimal amounts of NPK and achieve the results of significantly higher applications of NPK, making Humate Supreme™ very eco-friendly. It’s like salt to stimulate taste; a sprinkle is sufficient while too much ruins the dish. We like to use the analogy of an automobile gasoline engine that gets 18 miles per gallon…very inefficient and bad for the environment. However if we could push it to 200 miles per gallon, utilizing 100% use of the gasoline, then it’s no longer the drain on our natural resources, nor damaging to the environment. The key is “efficient” use of the resource.

There is no inert filler or waste in Humate Supreme™ products; all of it is 100% beneficial to replenishing the soil and growing healthy lush plants. There is also no loss due to bleed off in the air, leaching, lock-up or waste. The soil and the plant receive 100% use of the product.


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