Humates stimulate healthier garden growth in a natural way

Humate Supreme™ was recently featured in West Coast Leaf, Vol. 2 #2. Check out the article by Lindsey Walls below.

Every patient intuitively knows the value of using medical cannabis that is grown with fewer chemicals and is free of bacterial and fungal contamination. Every grower should be aware of the need to provide quality, healthy plants for the market. In its effort to provide viable earth friendly green methods for growing healthier plants, Humate Supreme™ Inc. has developed a plant food tablet backed by 40-plus years of research in humates and humic acids in all types of eco-friendly growing applications.

Humates are the end result of decayed prehistoric vegetation; organic matter in its purest most concentrated form, generally rich in humic acids, and is infused withnatural life sustaining minerals. Research has shown that humates with the ideal balance of humic acids, minerals and NPK consistently produce healthier plants with stronger root systems that are more naturally resistant to disease, fungus, bacteria, drought and frost.

Humic acid can quicken seed germination and root development, accelerating plant growth at all stages, resulting in shorter grow cycles.

Humate Supreme: Formula CNB Plus plant food tablets is an organic product that provides a full range of nutrients readily absorbed by plant roots. Humates, humic acids and micronutrients in the formula work synergistically with minimal amounts of NPK for increased production and healthier, fuller plants.

The tablets are very eco-friendly, replenishing the soil with beneficial nutrients required for a healthy eco-system within the plant root zone, resulting in improved crop production and quality.

The mission at Humate Supreme™ Inc., is to make products that benefit the earth, the plants, the growers and in the end, the consumer. Humate Supreme™ Inc. welcomes all inquiries and is open to affiliates interested in handling their organic humate based products.


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