So what are Humates?


Humate MineHumate materials are deposits of substances from the biological and chemical breakdown of animal and plant life over the time span of a few million years.  In short, humates are fossilized plants and animals mixed with rock and soil compounds.  A complex state of fragmented DNA and RNA, it can’t be broken down or even traced to its origin or specific date.


Raw Humate Ore & TabletsWhat we do know is humates contain a mixture of organic acids, including humic acids, fulvic acids, macromolecules of amino acids, amino sugars, minerals and vitamins. And we do know that it works well as a base for organic fertilizer.   Use of humates as a soil conditioner or fertilizer has been documented for several hundreds of years.   Humate material is a highly concentrated form of nutrients that plant life on earth absolutely needs to grow and thrive.


How do Humates work?

HUmates Create Fertile SoilHumates work in harmony with the surrounding environment.  The elements of the humates combined with the elements of the environment, with oxygen, and with water, have a synergistic effect to bring about efficient, oftentimes immediate results.   Unlike single chemical application for a single result, scientific studies have shown that the beneficial effect of humates involves multiple factors that work independently and synergistically toward a variety of outcomes.   Just like  the complex structure of humates, it is equally difficult to single out one attribute for how it works.

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