Humate Supreme

The need is great for restoring the soil so that plant life has an environment alive with all that is needed to flourish. Humate Supreme™ is a safer, greener alternative to straight chemical applications. Like all good ideas whose time has come, it is time for the growing world to introduce Humate Supreme™ to their grow programs. Humate Supreme™ can benefit individual med-pot patients and commercial med-pot growers alike in growing healthy, vibrant, potent plants for effective results.

The Benefits of Using Humate Supreme

  • 70+ nutrients, vitamins, minerals, & amino acids nourish plants for optimum growth
  • Great for development at all stages
  • A small 3-2-1 ratio of N-P-K works synergistically with the organic humates
  • Provides higher natural reserves of N-P-K for longer effects
  • Accelerate seed germination, in some cases 100% complete seed germination
  • Reduce transplant shock with cuttings
  • Attract beneficial organisms for improved microbe activity
  • Increase oxygen in soil, providing natural aeration
  • Increase water retention in the soil, requiring less water for best results
  • Increase nutrient absorption with root zone feeding for quick results & less waste
  • Develop stronger, larger roots which produces hardier plants
  • Increase the photosynthesis process which produces fuller leaves & larger blooms
  • Stimulate the immune system increasing resistance to disease, fungal-viral infections
  • Helps plants become more drought-frost tolerant
  • Increase harvest yield and potency value

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