Root Zone Feeding

Root Zone Feeding (RZF), used in a proprietary organic humate based fertilizer program developed by our company, specifically addresses the feeding of the individual plant. It does not feed any area but the plant’s immediate growing zone at the depth where the plant’s roots take in nutrients.

The object of Root Zone Feeding is to create a complete feeding zone in and around the plant’s roots. This is accomplished by placing humate based plant tablets in an evenly spread pattern within the plants drip zone (between the trunk and the drip line), at a specified depth in the ground. Root zone feeding is a “NO-TILL” application, and no-till agriculture has gained increased acceptance in recent years as being a far better, more environmentally friendly, practice.

Our organic Humate based plant food tablets, are nutrient rich concentrated tablets that are made under tons of pressure so as to compress all the nutrients for long-term feeding of the plant. The pressing of tablets permits us to increase the amount and number of concentrated nutrients into a small tablet and in turn concentrate the application of the nutrients to the feeding zone. As the tablets slowly break down, the soil immediately surrounding the plant is fed with 70+ nutrients which feed the plant and improve the soil structure, increasing the organic matter and nutrient value of both the soil and the plant. The soil slowly becomes alive with enzymes, beneficial micro-organisms, nutrients and humic-amino-fulvic acids… bringing the soil back to life. The immediate environment around the plant becomes more organic and nutrient rich.

This in turn feeds the plant’s root system with a balance nutrient formula, allowing the plant to flourish as nature intended. Plants fed in organic nutrient rich soil are healthier, more disease resistant, more drought and frost tolerant and produce abundant crops with more nutritious food. This is the result of “organic humate fed” plants in our Root Zone Feeding.

Root Zone Feeding (RZF) vs. broadcast fertilizing has quicker and greater feeding benefits. The humate based tablets start feeding the roots immediately whereas broadcast fertilizing must steadily leach down to the root zone, and often continue to leach past the root zone down into the water table. Tablets remain in the root zone and continue to feed as they slowly break down.

The tablet can be custom formulated for specific plant and soil conditions, i.e. some plants require more zinc, iron, or a different ph than other plants. The tablet can also be formulated to address soil deficiencies caused by over-use, erosion, leaching, chemical fertilizer abuse, etc., thereby rebuilding the soil and the zone area for plant feeding. By using soil samples from the root zone area, and petiole samples from the plant, we can scientifically determine deficiencies in the soil and/or plant (or for that matter any excessive nutrients locked up in the soil) and in turn formulate the tablet’s nutrient concentration, depth of use, number of tablets, and whether the tablets need to be scientifically formulated for either a slow or accelerated feeding. The nutrient rich zone will gradually enlarge as the organic matter increases and builds.

Our organic humate based plant food tablets, coupled with a root zone feeding “no-till” practice of agriculture, has numerous “green” benefits:

  • Creates an organically enhanced environment within the root zone, encouraging soil building beneficial microbes and earthworms to return to the soil
  • Feeds the plants directly within the root zone, speeding up the nutrient availability and providing a complete feeding method
  • Reduces water requirements by up to 50&, due to increased moisture holding capacity
  • Eliminates water and wind erosion through No-till application
  • Eliminates nutrient dissipation into the air
  • Eliminates waste by focusing the feeding to the desired plant(s)
  • Eliminates river/lake contamination from excessive nutrient runoff
  • Reduces and/or eliminates excessive nutrient leaching to the ground water aquifer
  • Promotes synergism rather than inefficiency inherent in chemical NPK fertilizers
  • No-till farming prevents release of 0.4 to 0.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per acre per year
  • Humate based plant food tablets can be formulated to feed up to 18 months, reducing fertilizer applications and the associated costs of subsequent applications i.e. labor, fuel, emissions, carbon footprint, etc.
  • The humate based tablets increase crop production, nutrient value, flavor and sugar content
  • The humate based tablets have an indefinite shelf life and will not lose their potency
  • The humate based tablets along with the no-till root zone feeding program can be utilized successfully anywhere in the world

Ultimately, the purpose of Root Zone Feeding is to accomplish four goals:

  1. To place the humate based tablets directly in the plant’s root zone for immediate long-term feeding.
  2. To steadily feed the plant for a specified time; addressing either a on-time crop to harvest or concentrated feeding on a long-term basis.
  3. To treat the soil and plant with organic humates while promoting an organic nutrient rich zone around and in the plant’s root feeding zone.
  4. To address any deficiencies within the soil and/or plant, and to further monitor against additional deficiencies, while addressing and correcting them until the zone is totally balanced in organic matter.

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