More Details about Humate Supreme

We do not have any studies or research comparing our products directly against other humate (humic acid) based products, including BioAg or TerraVitta; nor are we aware of any studies these other products have comparing our products to theirs. Our research through the years was focused extensively on producing consistent humate based products that could replace excessive chemical fertilizer use; and the majority of our lab and field test was against chemicals. We believe humates are “the answer” to eco-friendly sustainable agriculture; producing amazing results, if, as previously mentioned, there is consistency in the products that are marketed.

The fact is there have been numerous companies attempting to market humates through the years; some have done humates justice, while some have done them harm. In the early years all research and marketing was head to head against chemicals rather than other humates. Most of the fly by night mine-crush-spread, 40lbs to the acre, type operations went by the way side along the way.

With that said, our research did incorporate all sources of humates, including lignites and leonardites, from various deposits throughout the United States. We zeroed in on a unique deposit in central Utah, which was unlike any of the deposits found in New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, or anywhere else for that matter; as it was rich in humic acid, the highest in naturally occurring minerals, and it plain and simply out-performed the lignite/leonardite deposits. This deposit also had some of the earliest history, and research, prior to our involvement that we could find associated with any humates at the time… including research by Dr. Davis of BYU dating back to the early 1950’s, and a history of raw humate being mined and shipped to strawberry growers in California in the 1930’s.

The bottom line is does a product work or not, and the best way to find out is to give it a try. I’m sure BioAg and TerraVitta are likely good products; otherwise they wouldn’t sustain a market. We feel our products are every bit as good, even better, and we have plans to do some comparative studies. We’ve been involved with humates every bit as long as Dr. John Faust, who claims his research began “in the late 60’s when only a handful of companies realized the potential of humate derivatives” and I assure you we were one of those that saw the potential back then.

We start with a good humate base, which we feel is better than the more common lignite/leonardite deposits, albeit it is in the carbonaceous shale (or soil) family (which is not to say it’s petroleum related as one poster would suggest). It is refined via a “proprietary process” of which has been developed through the years, and converted too various products, including the Humate Supreme™ product line that is formulated for medical cannabis; some of which do contain minimal amounts of NPK (Humate Supreme™ blend is 3-2-1 NPK for Cannabis while agriculture blends have a 1-1-1 blend of NPK), which through synergism with our proprietary base become much more powerful than the analysis would suggest.

We don’t wish to hide our product from anybody. We advertise, we’ve got trade shows lined up, and we’re willing to make presentations to groups; if it works out logistically for everyone.


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