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Humate Supreme™ produces a number of products formulated for the medical cannabis/hemp plant, all of which contain the natural organic humate and mineral base, with humic acid.  Humate Supreme™ products continually build the soil, correcting nutrient deficiencies, releasing locked up nutrients, and building beneficial bio-life activity within the plants root zone, allowing for continued use of the same soil or growing medium for future plantings or continued crop production.

Humate Supreme™ 3-2-1 is basically the Humate Supreme™ Humic Acid Plus with a minimal amount of NPK added, boosting the tablet to a complete stand-alone plant food product. Humate Supreme™ 3-2-1 is a “fertilizer” by definition, complete with all the NPK and trace nutrients needed to grow the plant to maturity. With Humate Supreme™ 3-2-1 we highly recommend against adding any additional nutrients, especially NPK. If visual examination, or petiole analysis, indicates additional feeding is required, just add another tablet. When using this product in a hydroponic system, use the hydroponics for watering only.
Humate Supreme™ Humic Acid Plus plant food tablets contain no added NPK. These tablets are more of a soil amendment than a fertilizer, by definition; however they can be used as a stand-alone feeding program if you desire a more natural organic chemical free growing program; or in conjunction with a feeding program that includes other added nutrients, including NPK. Humate Supreme™ Humic Acid Plus can also be used in hydroponic systems, by placing the tablets in the growing medium with the seed, or cutting, and feed the additional nutrients hydroponically…just remember to reduce the application rates of the added nutrients by 50%-65%. Either way the plant will receive the full benefit of the humic acid and 70+ nutrients in the tablet, along with the beneficial synergism and bio-life building properties of the humate base.

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