So, Why Root Zone Feeding?

  1. It feeds the plant directly where it was meant to draw its life sustaining nutrients, in the plant’s very own root zone area, going to work immediately.
  2. It feeds the plant all natural food (nutrients).
  3. It promotes other beneficial life within the root zone; good bacteria, enzymes, micro-organisms and increases organic matter.
  4. It retains moisture for the plant, reducing watering requirements.
  5. It corrects soil deficiencies, including soil pH, and creates a fertile soil environment (zone) for the plant to live in.
  6. It’s simple, eco-friendly, economical, and can be applied at any time during the seed to harvest growth.

Through years of research and testing we discovered the best way to feed any agricultural plant or tree was in the plant’s very own root zone area. The plant’s Root Zone area is somewhat like a small village where the plant’s roots live, thrive, develop, feed and cohabitate with living organic bio-life. The healthier the village (root zone), the stronger and healthier the plant.

In further studies we discovered that various types of plant foods, stimulants and fertilizers have dramatic affects on the soil, bio-life, root development, enzymes and the plant itself. Harsh chemical stimulants, including fertilizer in excessive amounts, destroy the soil’s bio-life, affect the soil’s water holding capacity, artificially feed the plant, create nutrient deficiencies, and contaminate the eco-system. Most chemical fertilizers force the plant to grow beyond its natural parameters, producing sickly plants that are more susceptible to insects and diseases. In general chemical fertilizers do a poor job, damaging the soil, the root zone area, and the plant itself. Basically the village (root zone) becomes run down, cannot function properly for the plant and has no beneficial bio-life.

To have a healthy and active bio-life within the root zone requires good old fashioned agricultural practices, including the incorporation of good organic feeding, and natural nutrients, that promote a healthy active life-giving zone for the plant to live and thrive in. Humates, with the proper minerals, supply all the natural life-giving elements for an energized village. Humate Supreme™ meets this challenge completely.


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