More Details about Humate Supreme

The fact is there have been numerous companies attempting to market humates through the years; some have done humates justice, while some have done them harm. In the early years all research and marketing was head to head against chemicals rather than other humates. Most of the fly by night mine-crush-spread, 40lbs to the acre, type operations went by the way side along the way.


The Humate Supreme™ Story (Part 1)

The better solution is to grow crops in soil, rich in bio-life and nutrients, and constantly replace or replenish the nutrients in the soil so it doesn’t get depleted from crop to crop. The plant feeds naturally and consistently as nature intended, resulting in healthier crops and removing the need to replace the soil from crop to crop, including plants grown in green house trays and small containers. This is accomplished with the Humate Supreme™ tablets.

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