The Humate Supreme™ Story (Part 2)

Humate Supreme™ was developed specifically for the medical cannabis/hemp plant, as a result of years of research by Humate Research Institute (HRI) on natural organic humates, rich in humic acids and beneficial minerals.  HRI developed a number of humate based soil conditioners, fertilizers and plant food products, which were extensively tested on all varieties of plants throughout the U.S. and various countries throughout the world.  HRI obtained extensive scientific knowledge in the formulation and production of commercial grade humate products, formulated specific to defined crops and soil conditions, including the medical cannabis/hemp family. 

Humate Supreme™ products are produced from pure virgin humate, not lignite or leonardite from which that other humate products are made. Lignite and Leonardite are of the coal family, and often referred to as “brown coal”.  Virgin Humates are not coal based, and generally contain high levels of nutrient rich minerals in addition to humic, ulvic and fulvic acids.  Humate Supreme’s™ virgin humates are mined from the world’s largest virgin humate mine located in the Wasatch Mountain Range in central Utah.

Humate Supreme™ HA™ soil amendment and Humate Supreme™ 3-2-1 plant food tablets was developed to feed the plant in the most efficient method known, in the root zone…referred to as Root Zone Feeding.  The Humate Supreme™ formula is compressed into a concentrated slow release tablet, using several tons of pressure.  By compressing the tablets you receive a larger quantity of plant nutrients in a small tablet that slowly feeds your plant throughout the growing cycle…up to eight months. 

You can start your plants on Humate Supreme™ tablets at any time during the growing cycle.  They are safe and will not burn or harm the plant.  We highly suggest you not use other chemicals in addition to the Humate Supreme™ tablets.  If you do use other chemicals in conjunction with Humate Supreme™ tablets, it is highly recommended that you cut the chemical application rate by a minimum of 50%.  Humate Supreme™ tablets feed the plant a total diet of natural nutrients and humic acids; improve the bio-life within the soil, and rebuilds depleted soils, resulting in abundant healthy growth and high-grade products. 

Humate Supreme™ tablets have an indefinite shelf life and will not lose potency or disintegrate if kept dry.

Whether you grow indoors, under tent, in 5-gallon buckets, or outside in good old mother earth, you can grow abundant high-quality, healthy, plants with Humate Supreme™ and the simple and efficient Root Zone Feeding program.  Simply place the tablets in the growing medium, within the plant root zone, and water normally.  No mess, no chemicals, no pumps, trays, or reservoirs.  Just pure, natural organic humate based tablets, rich in humic acid and natural minerals.

The benefits of growing with natural organic humate based Humate Supreme™ :

  • Increased seed germination and reduced transplant shock on sprigs
  • Accelerated natural growth, without stressing the plant
  • Decreased water requirements
  • Larger buds and increased crop yield
  • Higher THC levels
  • Increased microbe activity in the soil
  • Builds nutrient rich soil, replenishing depleted soils
  • Eliminates need to replace growing medium between crops
  • It is simply, the easiest method of growing from seed to harvest

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