The Humate Supreme™ Story (Part 1)

You are what you eat…and plants are what they are fed.  The basic problem when growing plants in containers or green house trays is that of severe soil depletion of nutrients required to grow healthy plants.  This problem was discovered years ago in the growing vegetables and plants in green house trays, requiring total replacement of the soil in the trays every 12 to 18 months.  Healthy plants require a continuous sufficient supply of nutrients that are provided from the soil.  As the plant takes up these nutrients it is in essence mining the soil, whereby the soil in a container becomes deficient in some or all the nutrients.  Deficient soils grow deficient plants and the symptoms are readily seen; stunted growth, poor color, increased susceptibility to diseases and insect problems, reduced crop yield, dying plants, etc. 

The current practice is to use the soil or growing medium to hold the plants, and feed the plants hydroponically, adding nutrients throughout the growing cycle, sometimes daily.  This requires daily monitoring, best done by removing a leaf (petiole sample) and having it tested to see just what chemical or chemicals (nutrients) are required and in what amounts.  Hydroponic growing can be very difficult, and expensive, requiring new growing medium between crops, and further more any crop grown hydroponically is never as healthy as plants grown in nutrient rich soil.  Chemicals destroy bio-life rending the soil or growing medium dead, whereas the plants are totally dependent on daily feedings of chemical nutrients.

The better solution is to grow crops in soil, rich in bio-life and nutrients, and constantly replace or replenish the nutrients in the soil so it doesn’t get depleted from crop to crop.  The plant feeds naturally and consistently as nature intended, resulting in healthier crops and removing the need to replace the soil from crop to crop, including plants grown in green house trays and small containers.  This is accomplished with the Humate Supreme™ tablets.

In the mid 1970’s the founder of HRI addressed the soil depletion deficiencies inherent in container and green house growing, with a professor of agriculture at a major university.  As research progressed HRI tweaked the humate formula by adding or balancing natural nutrients, humic acids and special organic components into the formula, to keep the soil alive and void of deficiencies and while also promoting beneficial bio-life.  To assure a long-term, slow-release, steady feeding, the formula was processed into a tablet using tons of pressure, concentrating a lot of formula into a 3-gram tablet.  From this base formula, we developed various formulas to specific plants needs, including the medical cannabis plant – – Humate Supreme™ .


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